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UK Visit Visa

UK Visit Visa Checklist (Standard Visitor)

From UK for Family Visit 

  • Letter of Sponsorship
  • Passport Copy of inviter and family member of Inviter
  • Letter from employer
  • Pay slips
  • Bank statement of last 3 months
  • Utility Bills
  • Tenancy Agreement or Land Registry
From Nepal
  • Income Related Documents
  • Bank Statement of last 6 months (Please be informed recent deposit without the clear source can cause a visa refusal)
  • Lalpurja and it’s Translation ,  Property Valuation If Applicable)
  • Proof of Fixed Deposit (If Applicable)
  • Proof of Share Investment (if Applicable)
  • Relationship Certificate with Family members in Nepal and with Sponsor in the UK (If Applicable)
Documents need to be Original
All documents must be originals and not photocopies. Submission of these documents does not guarantee that your application will be successful and you should bear this in mind when making any bookings.
If Documents not in English
If you submit a document that is not in English or Welsh, it must be accompanied by a full translation that can be independently verified by the Home Office. Each translated document must contain:
  • confirmation from the translator that it is an accurate translation of the original document
  • the date of the translation
  • the translator's full name and signature
  • the translator's contact details
If Applicant is Under 18 years old
We strongly recommend you to submit the following information otherwise it may delay consideration of your application.
  • Birth Certificate or legal document (such as adoption papers) showing the relationship between you and your parent or guardian
If travelling unaccompanied or with someone other than your parent(s) you should provide:
  • A signed letter from your parent(s) confirming details of anyone accompanying you, and details of care and accommodation arranged in the UK
  • A copy of your parent(s) or legal guardian's biographical page of their passport, which includes their signature and passport number if your parent(s) do not have a passport then you must provide another official document which bears their signature
Additional documents for specific types of visitors This section sets out additional types of documents that you must submit if you are visiting for one of the following reasons:
Academics coming to undertake research (12 month visa) 
Academics coming to undertake research (12 month visa) • a letter from your current employer on official headed paper, detailing the period of your sabbatical, exchange or outlining the research to be undertaken .
  • letter from UK host organisation confirming the arrangements for your research or exchange if you are from a country listed in Appendix T part 1 of the Immigration Rules you must provide a valid medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner listed in Part 2 of Appendix T .
  • Family accompanying academics coming to undertake research (12 month visa) • if you are from a country listed in Appendix T Part 1 of the Immigration Rules  you must provide a valid medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner listed in Part 2 of Appendix T 
Private Medical Treatment (6 and 11 month visa)
You must provide a letter from your doctor or consultant in the UK, which includes:
• details of the condition requiring treatment or consultation • estimated costs and likely duration of treatment • details of where treatment or consultation will take place • if you are applying for an 11 month visa and are from a country listed in Appendix T part 1 of the Immigration Rules you must provide a valid medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner listed in Part 2 of Appendix T 
Where you are applying for an extension of stay as a visitor for private medical treatment you must provide the following documents:
• a letter from a registered medical practitioner, at a private practice or NHS hospital, who holds an NHS consultant post or who appears in the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council, detailing the medical condition requiring further treatment documents to show that you have met the costs of any treatment already received
In addition, organ donors must provide a letter confirming:
• that you genuinely intend on donating an organ to a named individual who you have a genetic or personal relationship with, and that you are either a confirmed match to the identified recipient or are undergoing further tests to establish this • details of when and where the planned transplant or tests will take place
The letter must be from one of the following:
  • the lead nurse or co-ordinator of an NHS Trust's living donor kidney transplant team • a registered medical practitioner who holds an NHS consultant post, or who appears in the specialist register of the General Medical Council
  • Organ donors also need a document showing that the intended recipient is legally resident in the UK, such as a copy of their British passport or residence permit. If they are applying for a visa at the same time, you must provide their details (name, nationality, date of birth).
Prospective Entrepreneur Letter of support from:
One or more registered venture capitalist firms regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority • one or more UK entrepreneurial seed funding competitions, listed here as endorsed  • one or more UK government departments
Failure to provide these documents will prevent subsequent switching into Tier 1 (Entrepreneur).
Work-related training
• Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board or Objective Structured Clinical Examination Tests — a letter from the General Medical Council & Nursing and Midwifery Council confirming arrangements for the test • unpaid clinical attachments or dental observer posts —confirmation of your offer to take up this post and that you have not previously undertaken this activity in the UK
Performers at one or more permit-free festivals
Letter of invitation from the organisers of each event, setting out dates required and details of any payments you will receive for taking part.
Permitted Paid Engagements
Invitation letter from a relevant UK-based organisation, such as:
• A Higher Education institution
 • An organisation in the creative arts or entertainment industries
 • A sports organisation
• A research organization
 • An aviation training organisation regulated by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority You must also provide evidence of professional status in your home country, depending on the engagement you are doing:
• Publications in a particular field of expertise
 • Evidence of previous lectures given in that field
 • A letter from your employer confirming where you work and your area of expertise
Entertainers/artists/sports people:
Publicity material for performances, screenings concerts, talks, readings and exhibitions
• Evidence of awards • Media coverage and reviews • Proof of recent performances
Air pilot examiners: a document to show membership of your country of residence's national aviation authority, e.g. the Federal Aviation Authority in the USA > lawyers: a practicing certificate or certificate of good standing or equivalent document
Visitor (Marriage/Civil Partnership)

If you have been married or in a civil partnership before, you must provide documents to show that you are free to marry or form a civil partnership.
Evidence that arrangements have been/are being made to marry or form a civil partnership or give notice of your intention to this during your visit, such as a letter from a registry office.
Transit Visitor
Evidence that your onward journey from the UK has been booked/confirmed, and that it is either within 24 hours of arrival in the UK for Direct Airside Transit or 48 hours of arrival in the UK for Visitor in Transit such as: • travel booking confirmation (can be email or copy of tickets)
• Travel agent confirmation
Evidence that you are assured entry into the onward country that you are travelling to, such as: • a residence permit • 'green card' • valid visa
If you are not a national or resident of the country of destination, you may wish to provide evidence of reason for travel, such as:
• Holiday booking confirmation
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