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About Us

Visa Guide Nepal is a consulting agency which deals with settlement and dependent visa of the UK and Australia and also provide the expertise services in the processing of visit visa of UK, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Schengen countries and other countries.

All the visa applicants have to go through dilemma i.e. which form to fill out, how to fill out, what documents need to be included, how to pay visa fees, where to submit documents, should one take appointment or not, what would be the processing time for the visa application, Should original be submitted or not etc. 

We Visa Guide Nepal, one of the experienced and best consultancy of Nepal, guide the prospective Visa Applicants to facilitate them by filling out form ourselves, by providing guidance on documentation preparation, taking appointments for visa lodgement, doing English Translations etc. We provide expertise services to process UK Settlement Visa in Nepal, Ex-British Gurkha and Family Cases including Visa procesing of Over 30 Cases and Below 30 cases, UK Spouse Visa, Spouse Partner Visa Australia and all the visitor visas of  UK, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Schengen countries and other countries.

Due to our effective, quick and reliable service, we are able to have thousands of satisfied customers including famous personalities of Nepalese Film Industry (Actors, Actresses, Directors, Producers and Technicians), Famous Personalities of Nepalese Music Industries (Singers, Band Members, Musicians), National and International Players, Media Persons etc. 

Visa Guide Nepal believes in delivering qualitative services to all our clients and every passing day we feel like we need to be more responsible, effective and sincere to maintain the standard we have set. 

Please do remember us if anybody who wants to apply for UK Spouse Visa in Nepal (UK  Settlement visa in Nepal for Nepalese National), and Australian Spouse Visa in Nepal for Nepalese National, visiti visa of all the countries. 

This page is for providing information about UK spouse Visa for Nepalese or Spouse Dependent Visa of UK or UK dependent visa, Australian Spouse Visa or Partner visa of Australia for Nepalese and other Settlement Visa of UK for Nepalese or Dependent Visa for Nepali National.