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What is new minimum income requirement for spouse and partner visas of the UK?

June 20, 2024 132
When has the new Spouse Visa Financial Requirement officially change in year 2024?
Since  April 11th, 2024, the new Spouse Visa Financial requirement has officially changed.
What is the major change in the new Spouse Visa Financial requirement on April 11th 2024?
From April 11th 2024, the British Citizen or the permanently settled person of the UK i.e. ILE Holder or ILR Holder need to have the annual income before tax is GBP 29000. Before April 11th 2024, the annual income requirements of the sponsor used to be GBP 18600 per annum.
Does the sponsor require to earn more than £29,000 if they have additional children they want to bring to the UK?
No, the Sponsor DOESN’T REQUIRE to earn more than GBP 29000 per annum for sponsoring additional children. Whether you are sponsoring your spouse/partner alone or you have one child or four children, the minimum income requirements will be GBP 29000 per annum.
Previously for sponsoring one child in addition to a partner, the income threshold increases to GBP22,400 from GBP 18600. For each additional child, an additional GBP 2,400 is required.
Will Home Office increase the minimum income requirements again? If yes, when will they increase?
Yes, they are planning to change the income requirements from GBP 29000 to GBP  34,500  and later they are planning to  rise it further to GBP 38,700.  The exact increment dates aren’t known but it seems that they will make changes at the end of this year.

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