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Documents Guidance

Which Documents need to be included? Should original documents need to be submitted or attested copy will work? Should invitation need to be in original or scanned copy sent via email will be okay? How much balance needs to be in bank? Is it necessary to have bank statement? Do I need to have property? Is property valuation report required?  And so on…….These are the common questions which raises in the mind of visa applicants.
In such situation, Visa Guide Nepal would help the applicants by providing correct information. We guide the applicants to submit only mandatory documents and not to include any documents which are not required. We are aware that the unnecessary documents put the extra financial burden on the applicants and in the same time, it can  waste the time of the applicants as well.

So, Team of experts of Visa Guide Nepal will guide the applicants to include indispensable documents from the view point of application.