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UK Spouse Visa

Required Documents
Application Form -Online
Appendix 2 
SU/07 form
Sponsor Passport Copy, Arrival Departure Stamp and Visa Copy
Sponsorship Leter

From Nepal English Requirement
IELTS Life Skills A1 Certificate (original and copy)
TB Certificate (original and copy)
Marriage Certificate
Money Receipts
Letter from employer (If Working)

Maintenance Evidence
6 months payslips (stamped)
6 months corresponding bank statements (originals ordered from Lloyds bank)
Letter of reference from employer (includes start date, salary, salary start date, full time/permanent)

Accommodation Evidence
Letter from Landlord/ Co-tenant / Co-owner
Land Registry or Mortgage Statement or Tenancy Agreement
Council Tax
 Utility Bills
Property Inspection Report
Relationship Evidence
Marriage Certificate attested (Original and Copy)
Marriage and other Photos (Before relationship, engagement, other visits, marriage and your days out)
Proof Of communication i.e. print outs of Viber , Facebook, IMO , What’s App
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