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Updated Immigration Rules on Settlement for Ex- British Gurkhas Discharged before July 1997 –Effective from 05 Oct 2023

June 20, 2024 158
For Ex-Gurkha if applying for settlement, following requirements are to be met:
  • Eligible Ex-Gurkhas who were discharged before 1 July 1997 must have completed at least 4 years’ reckonable service.
  • If service was less than 4 years, then there should be evidence that the applicant is in receipt of a Ministry of Defence (MoD) disability pension or has a medal awarded by the MoD for gallantry.
  • If Ex-Gurkha had to be absent without leave (AWOL) with no record of service book in hand, then a provided protecting certificate is required.
For Dependants:
  • A Wife, widow and their children are also eligible to apply.
  • In case of adult children, they must have been aged under 18 on the date of the Gurkha veteran parent was discharged from service (and this can include children who were not born until after their discharge).
  • They must be living in the same household as the Gurkha veteran parent.
  • Adult children must not have formed an independent family of their own which means they should not have married.
  • They must not have been living in a different household from the Gurkha veteran parent for more than 2 years continuously before the date of application.
  • They must never have lived in a different household from the Gurkha veteran parent for more than 2 years continuously, unless this was by reason of education or something similar (such that the family unit was maintained during the period when the applicant did not live in the same household).
  • Bereaved children can also apply as well as long as their father if living would have met all the requirements for settlement.  “In addition to the conditions listed above, bereaved children will need to apply within 2 years of the parents passing away in order to show that they have not lived apart from the household for over 2 years. It does not matter if one parent passed away over 2 years ago, as long as the dependent lived with them in their household whilst they were alive, and the other parent passed away less than 2 years (for example, if the ex-Gurkha died 7 years ago, and his widow died one year ago, a bereaved child could qualify as long as they had never been apart from the household for over 2 years whilst the parents were alive).”
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