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Requirements for PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) Test 2 Visa Application from Nepal

Requirements for PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) Test 2 Visa Application 
United Kingdom is favourite destination for Nepalese Doctors to start their new professional career. For the doctors to prove that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to practise medicine in the UK, they need to pass the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board  (PLAB) test.
There are two parts of the PLAB test; PLAB 1 and PLAB 2.

  • PLAB 1 can be done various places all over the world. A candidate may make four attempts at part 1.
  • PLAB 2 needs to be done from the UK only. A candidate may have four attempts at the part 2 OSCE, provided their pass in the part 1 examination is within the currently permitted period. You must pass part 2 within two years of the date you passed Part 1, and you are allowed a maximum of four attempts. If you do not pass Part 2 within two years of passing Part 1, or fail at your fourth attempt, you will have to re-sit Part 1 and Part 2.
As PLAB 2 can be done from the UK only, so after passing PLAB 1 ,  qualified doctors needs to apply for Standard Visitor Visa to be able to travel to the UK to sit for the exam. However, some doctors wish to sit for PLAB 1 test in the UK as well. Despite involving lots of efforts of the doctors, some doctors are facing problems in getting Visa for travelling to the UK.  The primary reason for denial of visitor visa is due to Financial reason. Before  getting into refusal reasons in details, let’s talk about the required cost for the visit visa.
Normally, for PLAB 2 test, the doctors need to be in the UK for 2 to 2.5 months (including preparation course for PLAB 2).  From departure from Nepal till return to Nepal, the applicable costs are Two Way Airtickets, Accommodation , Food and transportation within UK;
Cost of Two Way Airtickets :                                                               :GBP 800 (Approx)
Accommodation for 2.5 months or 75 days ( 75 days x GBP 40)       :GBP 3000 (Approx)
Food for 2.5 months or 75 days :  (75 days X GBP 10)                       :GBP 750 (Approx)
Other unforeseen expeneses:                                                             :GBP 500 (Approx)
Total Tentative Expenses                                                                    :GBP 5050
(Please be informed that the  per day rate mentioned here is based on random rate of hotels
Medical documents
  • Plab 2 Test book
  • NMC
  • Plab 1 Result
  • English Language Result
  • MBBS Certificate
  • List of Required Documents for Visit Visa
  • If  you are employed
  • Letter from your employer stating
  • Your position and salary,
  • Length of employment,
  • Leave of absence
  • Pay Slips of last 6 months (if applicable)
  • Personal Bank Statement of Last 6 months
  • Provident Fund/ Citizens Investment-CIT (If applicable)
  • Financial support Letter
Documents Related to Property
  • Photocopy of LALPURJA
  • English Translation of LALPURJA
  • Property Valuation
  • Rent/ Lease Agreement (If Applicable)
Other Documents
  • Relationship Certificate with family members of Nepal (If in Nepali, Translated Copies as well)
  • Marriage Certificate (Nepali and English)
  • Birth Certificate of children below 18 years
  • Proof of share investment or fixed deposit (If applicable)
Documents from Abroad
  • Invitation letter
  • Passport/ visa copy
  • Letter from employer
  • Pay slips 6 months
  • Bank statement 6 months
  • Property documents(Land Registry or Tenancy agreement) or Hotel Booking
Please Remember
All the documents not in English Language must be translated in English and include the photocopy of documents which is in Nepali language as well.
Text by Executive Director of Visa Guide Nepal Mr. Dinesh Ram Dangol
 If there is any need of assistance for the Visa Processing, we can be contacted via phone callls 015902232 or 9823001100.