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UK Standard Visitor Visa , Family Visitor Visa , Tourist Visa refused , in such case reapply, appeal or wait ?

June 19, 2024 62
In case of refusal of  UK Tourist Visa , Standard Visitor Visa or Family visitor visa , the best option is to reapply. As there are no rights of appeal for the visitor visa cases, so it is advisable to lodge reapplication. The reapplication can only be done , if the refusal reason  mentioned in the refusal letter can be clarified with extra explanation or additional supporting documents. Otherwise , it will be better to wait for the time being. If you are in doubt whether to reapply or wait, you can contact to us via direct call, viber or whats app, the contact numbers are as follows : 9823001100 , 9818132000 , 9810328064 , 9823463346 , 9810329689 .