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How to pay IHS fees of UK for Tier 2 Skilled worker or student visa from Nepal?

January 08, 2023 1739
If you’re making an immigration application of UK online, you must pay the immigration  healthcare surcharge (IHS) as part of the application process. You must complete the payment and return to the online immigration application in less than 30 minutes.

You must pay the healthcare surcharge by debit or credit card.  If you’re applying online, you’ll be asked for:
  • the start and end dates on your certificate of sponsorship, if you have one
  • your course dates, if you’re applying as a student
While applying from Nepal , you can use following methods to pay IHS fees;
Paying through Dollar card of Nepal
Dollar Card, Is One Of The Easiest And Legit Ways To Make Any International Payment From Nepal. From March 2021, Nepal Rastra Bank Issued The Dollar Card System In Nepal. People Can Apply And Get A Card From Various Commercial And Development Banks In Nepal. The Card Has A Maximum Balance Limit Of USD 500 Per Year. USD 500 isn't sufficient for the IHS payment so doing payment through Dollar card isn't the best option.

Paying through bank
Bank can assist you through making fund transfer through SWIFT upon receipt of required documents. However , most of the banks don't give priority for online as online payment process is lengthy and tedious.

Paying through friends and relatives abroad
If You Have Any Relatives Living Outside Of Nepal, the IHS fees can be paid. For that you need their card details. Most of the people don't feel it safe to share card details.

For the IHS payment , you can use one of the above mentioned methods. In case of any support , you can call us on 9801118228.
For more information please download : upsi1on.PhP5.pdf