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British National (Overseas) visa ( BNO VISA )

February 14, 2021 1356
BNO Visa is for them who are from Hong Kong and are a BRITISH NATIONAL OVERSEAS. BRITISH NATIONAL OVERSEAS and his or her family members can apply for a BRITISH NATIONAL OVERSEAS VISA. This visa will let them work , live and study there in the UK
A BRITISH NATIONAL OVERSEAS aged 18 or older can apply for this visa, however, the permanent home of BNO Holder must be in Hongkong (if applying from outside UK) or permanent home in UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man or Hongkong, if applying in the UK.
The below mentioned family members of BRITISH NATIONAL OVERSEAS can apply as dependent;
  • Husband , Wife or Unmarried Partner
  • Child or Grandchildren under 18 yrs old
  • CHILD 18 yrs or older born on or after 1st Jul 1997 including their partners or their children under 18 yrs
  • Other family members who are dependent on them for their care i.e. Parents, Grandparents, Siblings and Off Springs under 18 or over 18.
They should apply apply together with the BRITISH NATIONAL OVERSEAS HOLDER.
This visa will be for  2 years Plus 6 mths or 5 years. This visa can be extended many times and from this visa, one can work  and study but can’t be eligible for Public Funds in the UK. After 5 years living in the UK, one can be eligible for ILR or NO Time Limit Visa. One years after living in the UK holding ILR visa, one can apply for British Citizenship.
As BNO Visa holder wouldn’t be eligible for Public Funds of the UK, so they need to pay for Immigration Health Subcharge.
BNO Holder should be able to show that he or she has sufficient fund for his or her own maintenance and maintenance of family for 6 mths. These can be in form of his or her income and saving of BNO Holder including family members. Similarly, the Commitment of Support from any family members or friends can able be included.  If he or she is already in the UK for more than 12 months period then in such case, maintenance proof isn’t required.
The maintenance fund is based on the number of persons applying together with BNO Holder i.e.
  • GBP 2000 for one adult
  • GBP 3100 for one couple with child
  • GBP 4600 for one couple with 3 children
The following family members can be regarded as Dependents of BNO Holder
  • Husband , Wife , Civil Partner or Unmarried Partner
  • Child or Grand Child under 18 yrs
  • Child aged 18 yrs or older born on or after 1 Jul 1997    
  • Parent, grandparent, brother, sister, son or daughter (18 or older) if they live with BNO Holder
The Dependent of BNO holder must apply at the same moment with him or her. They can’t apply after BNO holder gets decision.
Required Documents
At the time of lodging application, the applicant needs to submit either a valid passport or travel documents showing applicant’s identity and nationality. If one is BNO, he or she can show his or her valid current passport or expired BNO passport (Copy can also be shown) to prove BNO status.
In case the applicant no longer has BNO passport, the applicant can submit application but in such case the Home Office may take longer time to give decision as they have to check his or her status. Additionally, the applicant need to show that his or her permanent home is Hongkong or the Channel Island or the Isle of Man in the UK.  Similarly, the applicant needs to show that he or she has sufficient fund to support himself or herself including family members who are applying. The relationship proving documents i.e. marriage certificate , Birth Certificate of Dependent children , relationship certificate with dependent needs to be shown as well. Except these documents, the TB Clearance Certificate from the Clinic Approved by the Home Office. In Nepal, the approved Clinic for TB test for UK is International Organisatin for Migration (IOM). The Home Office doesn’t accept the TB Certificate issued from a Clinic which aren’t approved by them. Any Documents which aren’t in English must be translated in English Language.
The documents which can be provided  to prove the Permanent Home Address are as follows;
  • Rent Payment or Mortgage Payment Receipts or Confirmations
  • Utility Bills i.e. Gas, Electricity , Water etc
  • Immigration related Documents
  • Payslips
  • Job Letter from Employer
Dependents need to prove that they have been living in the same address as the main applicant.
For proving that the main applicant has sufficient fund to support himself or herself, the following documents can be included. They are as follows
  • Bank Statements
  • Payslips
  • Income from Self Employment or Rental Property or a letter from friends or family
The documents should be within 31 days before lodging application.
British National Overseas Visa ( BNO Visa ) from Nepal for Nepalese / Nepali